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New adaptation of 'The Metamorphosis' brings Kafka’s legacy bang up to date

New adaptation of 'The Metamorphosis' brings Kafka’s legacy bang up to date

2024 marks 100 years since the death of Franz Kafka, one of the most celebrated and influential authors of the 20th century.

To mark the occasion, Mild Peril Theatre are bringing a bold new adaptation of The Metamorphosis to the Georgian Theatre on Saturday 27 April at 7.30pm.

The Metamorphosis is one of those tales which most people have heard of, but don’t know all that much about, except for the bit about a guy - Gregor Samsa - who turns into a monstrous insect.

In fact, it is a study of how Franz Kafka’s world seemed to him in 1915: confusing, bureaucratic, completely impossible to navigate, and leaving an ordinary and unimportant person unable to find any meaningful relationships or a sense of belonging. The story is full of messages about how we treat each other, how our society treats us, and how this treatment makes us feel.

This new adaptation of The Metamorphosis is set in a place and time which is not Prague in 1915 – it is here, and now, with the things which make our world more Kafkaesque than it was when Kafka was alive. The original text is retained but is meticulously combined with our modern world to present the story and messages in the context of the way we live now.

Gregor is made to feel so alienated and worthless that he actually turns into a creature which represents how he sees himself. And those around him also undergo their own transformations, emerging better equipped to deal with life by learning from their shared experience. 

Simon Spearing, Director, said: "If Kafka could see the world now, I think he would laugh at how it is even more confusing and bureaucratic than when he was writing. The Metamorphosis is a story we could all learn from as our lives and social interactions become ever more complex and challenging. We are delighted to be visiting The Georgian Theatre Royal, it’s such a great venue and it’s a pleasure to spend time there."

With a skilled ensemble cast, full set, atmospheric music and effects including Gregor’s shocking transformation, this performance shows just why Kafka’s celebrated story is as important today as it ever.

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